About Ilan Bernet

Ilan Bernet, currently a London based freelance video editor, has worked in the field of film and television for many years.

After graduating from Tel Aviv University (his graduation film "Thin Wooden Walls" winning multiple awards) Ilan became a director, editor and producer working in broadcast, corporate communications and advertising. His work covered a diverse range of topics and genres, including sports, art, dance, drama and multicamera studio productions. At the same time Ilan got involved in education and worked as a consultant and a teacher, setting up pioneering projects and taking an important part in film education, media literacy and public access television in Israel. He also worked as editing consultant and supervisor.

In 2002 Ilan moved to England. Taking time out he became a teacher, heading a media department at a challenging arts college and working as an external moderator in the field of media, film and television with a national exam board. Studying for an MA in Media, Culture and Communication Ilan embarked on a field research (with The Institute of Education, University of London) into the effects of practical engagement in film production on students with learning, behavioural and emotional difficulties. The research proved the powerful effect of using practical production work in schools on the outcomes for vulnerable students.

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In 2011 Ilan returned to full time editing, and set up "Eel Pie Island TV" in a studio on Eel Pie Island, offering video editing and post production services. Since then Ilan has worked on a wide range of broadcast and corporate projects, moving away temporarily from Eel Pie Island where he still keeps his boat.

Ilan has a keen sense of pace and excellent storytelling sensibilities. His experience as producer, director and teacher helps him see the bigger picture while not losing sight of the detail.


Lately the projects worked on included, whether directly or indirectly, the flowing clients:
Acer Adjust Your Set Arise News Aurora Media BBC Big Wave Productions CBeebies CTN Can Communicate Connected Pictures DFS Digital Theatre Discovery Ford Gates Foundation History Channel Hugo Boss I.O.C. ITN Infiniti Irish Tourist Board Landmark Films Latimer Creative Lyric Theatre Markettiers 4DC Marks & Spencer Mars Met Film School Mother (London) Munderbar Nestle Nomadic Films North One Television Optomen P&G Phoenix Petrol Pretzel Films Prime Focus Broadcast Prostate Cancer UK Proudfoot Film Production Publicis (London) Quadrant Remark! Rolex Royal Dutch Shell SCB Partners SKS Sequence Post SixTwoFive Sky Smyle Spring Studios Square i Media Target (USA) The Edit Store Vice News West Digital Westfield Wingspan Young Vic Theatre